A Licensed Roofing Contractor Delivers Professional Roofing Occupations

To obtain a permit from the RCAT (Roofing Contractors Association of Texas), a roofing contractor undergoes a rigorous screening procedure that establishes his expertise in all aspects of the roofing business. The RCAT licensing is a voluntary process that plans to raise professionalism among workers in the roofing sector to enhance consumer confidence.

The RCAT is a self-regulatory body that vouches for the reliability, expertise, and experience of a roofing contractor that is licensed. You’ll be able to rely on the professionalism and reliability of RCAT permit holders because the licensure requirement comprises the submission of credit and business references, evidence of financial responsibility, and insurance and workers compensation certificates. More important, the organization demands that a roofing contractor must be a principal in a Texas-based roofing company that is in operation.

Choosing a roofing contractor that is licensed is important to avoid common problems related to undependable roofers who perform practice overcharging or shoddy work. Generally, need care for the roof of your building, or it is best to engage a local, authorized roofer whether you are purchasing a brand new roof system, having your roof fixed. It is easier to check the contractor’s references and the quality of his work if he’s based in Dallas since you can expect most his customers residing within or near town.

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It is possible to request for estimates from more or 3 local contractors for your roofing job to get advisable of how much a new roof costs, or the expense of roof repairs. A written estimate with a description of the extent of work and job specifications is essential for cost comparison. Bear in mind though that the lowest bid just isn’t necessarily the best. You also must check with previous clients to assess the professionalism of the roofing contractor and to compare the quality of workmanship.


A roofing company that offers a list of ongoing projects and customer references implies good standing and satisfactory conclusion of jobs. When the roofer fails to provide references or makes some justifications for being unable to give you a list of accomplished jobs, it’s indicative of issues with previous customers. The lowest bidder who will not supply references is a potential danger of work that is substandard. This can lead to costly repairs and a shorter roof life expectancy.

Shoddy and substandard work on the roof isn’t noticeable unless a professional roofing contractor points out these during a regular maintenance check of your roof and until you need repairs due to flows. Reports from roofing specialists say that the most common roofing problems are improper ventilation that cause shingles to become fragile and curl, incorrectly installed shingles, and premature failure of the roof system when the space is not cleaned and primed correctly prior to setup.

A roofing crew that is not instructed in the proper installation techniques for the roof spells disaster and premature aging of the roof. Correct installation of tiles, gutters, fascia, and sheets must be found to ensure that the quality of the roof just isn’t endangered.

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Roof repairs and the installation of a new roof system are costly projects that demand professional roofers. A licensed roofing contractor who adheres to the guidelines of professionalism and the quality standards of RCAT is guaranteed to deliver the roofing job that you just need.


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