Common Roofing Scams – Door-to-Door Salesmen

Among the important scams which can be experienced within the roofing industry is the scenario of the door to door salesman that shows up at your door and guarantees to execute a free roofing review.

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This kind of salesman has undergone rigorous training to sell, and it’s definitely not in the kind of soft selling either. They’re going to not target the senior citizen. Rather, any homeowner makes game that is fair to them.

Under the guise of providing a free roofing inspection, that same scammer will make his way and will subsequently proceed to fabricate some form of impairment as by way of mimicking storm damage. Or, they’re going to present the homeowner with a picture which shows the damage on the roof, but the picture has been taken of another residence, while the roofing scammer will say that it’s the homeowner’s roof.

Actually, it’s not unknown for these individuals to hit the roof with a hefty device like a ball-pen, or to tear off shingles as a way to simulate damage due to high winds hammer, which functions to fabricate a hail strike.

Should the salesman actually cause damage to the roof when conducting their inspection, this will normally occur since they feel that there’s not enough damage to provide any cover.

The activity works to impact a homeowner in a number of means. Clearly, with no fabricated damage, the homeowner wouldn’t require any work to be carried out on their roof. Additionally, when a claim is made, it’ll be added to the homeowner’s insurance record, and future claims can be imposed on by this, or it may even prompt an insurance company to prevent renewal of the coverage, which in turn compels the homeowner to seek an alternative insurance company because of their insurance.

As an easy method to protect against this sort of scam, it’s shrewd not to sign any paperwork prior to your insurance company organizing an inspection of your roof. Further, any company that claims they can do the work for you should be investigated – make sure to get in touch and require customer references and visit their office.

Obviously, there are some companies that manage in a door to door style which are honest and they’ll run a professional and valid job. All the same, the homeowner should always exercise extreme caution in this scenario.

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