Just How Long Does a House Roof Continue?

Have you any idea the age of your roof? Not sure? Make sure you check, then. Most roofs will continue for decades providing the weather never damages them. All the same, the longevity can work as a bait in that you never bother to check for any warning signs.

The age of your roof, do not be tempted to let damage or wear go unattended. If so, you may find there are structural problems that influence the remainder of your house. Discover the length of time the stuff in your roof need to last, the way the weather conditions can be an impact, too as what the warning signs could appear to be.

The life of the roof affects

Most homes in the US have composite or asphalt shingles that will last for around 20 years, while the premium brands will continue for 50 years. On the other hand, you’ll while architectural asphalt will give you around 30 years of use, which can be just like cedar shake, realize around 25 years with fiber cement.

At the higher end of this scale, there’s metal that will last for anything between 40 and 80 years, which will be in accordance with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Slate and tile will probably stay intact for as much as 100 years.

Weather can be a factor that is detrimental

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Stuff which are permanent such as metal, and slate, tile, will stand the test of time in terms of harsh weather. However, shingles can be pushed by powerful winds up at the roof edges, and the ones that remain around the difference are then more exposed if you lose even a single shingle.

With respect to how the air flows over and around your house, stronger winds can form a suction, which could then pull away materials. Winds also cause tree branches to break, loosen satellite dishes and chimney bricks, and cause breakage that is general.

During a hailstorm, score metal, tiles can split, and wear away the granules that are protective on asphalt shingles. You should still check after any thunderstorm, though smaller hailstones will be easily resisted by virtually all stuff.

Though substantial ice and snow can cause cracking, stuff on a roof will stand up well to ice and snow. Snow that’s melted down can make its way into pre existing fissures. It can weaken and even fracture shingles or tiles, and enlarges when it refreezes.


The sunlight will wear down your roof. Intense UV beams, over time, will break the materials down so wood shingle and asphalt.

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